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My hometown sucks

You know what?
I can't find any Gloom Cookie or Lenore - or anything like it in my home town.
WHSmiths doesn't even have a graphic novel selection - although they seem to be promoting Sin City graphic novels since the film came out.
Ottackers has swamped itself with superhero stuff and recently acquired an absolute tonne of Anime Manga (backwards fat book comics which are fair enough, but I wouldn't know where to start) Okay there's a couple of Sandman novels - perhaps fifteen years too late.
Smaller shops? pfft.
"Maybe we can order it ...?"
Yes and maybe it would be easier, cheaper and faster to go to Amazon.
(okay I've got this problem with my credit card - like I haven't got one at the moment so online shopping is a bit pants for me ... but that's not the point, my point is I like to browse in real shops and take little gifties home with me)
It's the same with Dungeons and Dragons rule books and Lego - but you probably dont want to hear about that here.
I mean this is a University town for christsake - with a decent art college! - (I am a local but I despair at the decisions made by my fellow locals - greedy cynical landlords, and stupid shop managers) blah

(apologies - just seemed almost relevant enough to share with the Gloom Cookie community)

Thanks. Wx
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