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Lex or Chrys ?

Hey I've only read one Gloom Cookie graphic novel and I can't work out if I'm in love more with Lex or Chrys. Actually I think sometimes I prefer Chrys cos she's half monster - I mean, that's character! ;)
Well, they are both yummy - not oogie. :)

It's really nice to find a gloom cookie community. I'm sure we can make some icons/avatars if there arne't many around. :)
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A few people on here have some cool ones *coughs at her own icon* *grin* but they seem few and far between.

Gawd, this comm has got ever so quiet of late. Personally, I prefere Lex as she's more of a Princess! You must read the next two! xxx
I absolutely certainly will! :)

If I had and icon character that represented me I have a horrible feeling it might be Vermillion! (Euw) LOL Actually his head would be easier to draw I guess. *grin*
I love Sebastian's Monster!

I love the idea of trying to explain to a girlfriend why I can't take them back home ... "well, it's kind of strange but ..."

It does seem quiet ... I just assumed people all knew something I didn't. ;)
*grin* All the other members were eaten by monsters! (I'm trying so hard not to make any references to the later comics, lol!)

Hey, I think Vermillion is a representation of the stereotypical, poetical and mournful goff that's hiding in all of us! :D xx
Well ... my friends don't listen to my poems anymore ... ;D

Oooh ... I'm intrigued.
both your icons are cool by the way ;)
wait a sec ... is Malice the live-role-player? I could be him I suppose. heh heh. Get me a cape!
Hehehehehe, I'm most like Chrys I think, although looks-wise I'm a fat Lyndi! x
Thanks! (gotta pull out another one now, I feel like I must live up to expectations! *grin*) x
LOL - Spock rules.
Correction: Star Trek rules ;) xx